|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Visit to Puerto de La Cruz 

“It cannot be true?!” My horrified reply to my grandad last week when he told me what he had observed visiting Puerto de la Cruz. “They are the most polluted waters I have ever seen in my life raw sewage in the harbour. Brown sludge ‘slicks’ bobbing about on the surface as a creamy discustings throth, containing goodness knows what bacteria and diseases.” When you look you can see them.

Are you aware if the waters are tested or do you know if they are safe to swim? Children swim and paddle in those waters along with daily snorkelers. My grandad showed me a photo of the ‘slick’ by the harbour of Puerto and I must admit it is easy to be unawares and blissfully ignorant but surly he is incorrect? A town so reliant on tourism wouldn’t allow people to swim alongside waste?

Amanda Louise