|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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The Italian Matchmaker by Santa Montefiore 

Gianluca has to admit that his life is empty. His marriage is over, and he barely knows his young daughters. In search of serenity, he flees to Italy, to the magical Palazzo Montelimore lovingly restored by his parents, to reconnect with himself.

But life on the sun.drenched Amalfi coast is not as peaceful as Luca hoped. The Palazzo is filled with his mother’s eccentric friends and haunted by the ghosts of its murderous past. Then he meets a woman whose dark eyes are heavy with sorrow, and a solemn little boy with an incredible secret.

And as he begins to unravel a mystery that has its roots in a long-ago act of violence, Luca is forced to face his greatest fear in exchange for the greatest truth.