|Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Two islands relaunch “united front” campaign for benefit of both 

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura have joined forces to present a united front on problems and innovations which present challenges for both islands.

The two have united in the past but now the former project, under the name of “Eje oriental” has been relaunched by both Cabildos.

Presidents of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, Marcial Morales and Pedro San Ginés said the aim was to be “more effective in resources and seek solutions and new opportu-nities for both islands.”

The first meeting was held in Fuerteventura and the next will be in Lanzarote with the participation of both Cabildos and 13 municipalities.

Among other issues, it was agreed to share projects and resources on water and Biosphere Reserves, safety and emergencies, tourism, cultural events and produc-tions, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, ports, economic and financial information and industry and entre-preneurship.

Renewable energy, culture, employment and industry will also be on the agenda.

The two leaders feel the time is right, given their new mandate after the elections earlier this year, to relaunch the initiative.

“There are many problems that both islands have in common and therefore many of the solutions should also be adopted in common, “said the president of Lanzarote, Pedro San Gines.

Fuerteventura president, Marcial Morales said co-operation and mutual support between the two islands was essential.

A number of new smaller committees have been formed to look at specific issues, including a fair distribution of financial aid and an energy model which works towards self-sufficiency and minimising the dependency on fossil fuels.

The islands’ electricity supply will also be looked at and sustainable mobility through electric cars.

It is also hoped to have a joint tourism promotion and to share cultural activities, given the closeness of the two is-lands.

It was also agreed to share protocols in situations of disasters or serious accidents with possible agreements with shipping companies operating between the two islands.

The primary sector will also be looked at, with the hope of achieving a better distribution of funds, and to hold a livestock fair on a year on, year off basis.

Companies will be encouraged to take space at the Technology Park in Fuerteventura.

Both islands agree that illegal fishing must be eliminated and more water sports events encouraged.