|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Santa Cruz seeks grant aid to créate 105 temporary jobs 

Santa Cruz city council is asking for the help of the Canary Government in support of a job-creation scheme which would benefit all five districts.

An application has been submitted to the Employment Service for a subsidy so that 105 people could be employed for six months. The scheme would cost 650,000 euros.

The proposal is part of a plan to help high unem-ployment and falls within the Santa Cruz plan for 2015-2016 which includes maintenance activities, adaptation and upgrading of urban, rural and coastal public spaces.

Eighth deputy Mayor and councillor for finance and human resources, Juan José Martínez stressed it was an opportunity to employ groups of jobless men and women who would them-selves in a very difficult situation both economically and socially.

The 105 people would be employed from January 1st and include a technical architect, five managers, masons, electricians and general maintenance staff.

Sr. Martinez said the scheme would help them to gain valuable experience and training and improve their prospects for gaining further work in the future.

“Although the crisis has affected all sectors and at all levels, certain groups are more vulnerable to this situation and find it more difficult to gain access to employment, for example, a huge number of workers in the construction sector and associated unemployed, ” he said.

It is planned to carry out actions of cleaning, mainte-nance and conditioning of urban public spaces (parks, gardens, etc) as well as municipal facilities in the various neighborhoods. There would also be clearance of coastal areas, ravines, recreational areas and accesses to public spaces.