|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Puerto traders told of new 812,000 euro eight-month scheme for calle Quintana 

Tenerife Cabildo has announced details of the next major improvement plan for Puerto de la Cruz but says it will start after Christmas to avoid disruption.

The scheme for calle Quintana involves an investment of 812,000 euros and has a deadline of eight months. It will begin after the celebrations of the Reyes.

The Cabildo has promised a series of meetings with residents and businesses and is setting up a 24-hour hotline to answer any queries.

During a meeting with about 50 business representatives, councillor for tourism Alberto Bernabé said the work would recover a hugely important part of Puerto which was a key axis of the tourist and commercial centre.

“Both the council and Puerto want to minimise as much as possible the inconvenience this work may cause,” he stressed.

He said the project was part of the ongoing modernisation plan for Puerto and would represent a “comprehensive rehabilitation of the entire area to improve the quality of urban space, both in infrastructure and in the development of the street itself.”

There will be four phases and meetings will take place at the start of each.

Puerto’s Mayor, Lope Afonso said the work to calle Quintana was much more than conditioning. It was “a strategic action that will enhance one of the most important commercial streets of the resort town.”

The street will be promoted as an open pedestrian shopping area and the same critera will be adopted as for previous schemes such as in the promenade of San Telmo and calle de la Hoya.

The street is located located in the historical complex of Puerto and has been a pedestrian area for more than two decades.

The scheme will cover an area of 3,216 square metres, including the renovation of the pavement, new landscaping, lighting and faciliies among other improvements. It is planned to “recover the historic values of the area”, eliminating any elements considered to be out of keeping and using quality materials which will stand the test of time.

The project includes the removal of all the added features that protrude from the plane of the road, repaving the street with natural stone, replacement of street furniture and planters, new tree pits and renewal of plant species.

Nw street sewerage will also be installed, storm drainage, water supply and facilities for medium and low voltage and public lighting. It is also planned to install fibre optic network and mains lighting for festivities.