|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Prime Minister pledges united front against terrorism after Paris attacks 

Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy has pledged a united front against terrorism following the atrocities in Paris in which three Spaniards were amongst the dead.

“The priority is for us all to fight the common enemy – DAESH terrorism – as a united front,” he said.

Speaking at the G-20 Summit in Turkey, Sr. Rajoy underlined the approval of a declaration containing an outright condem-nation of terrorism and of condolence with the victims of the attacks in Paris. “A text in which all the countries express-ed our determination to fight this scourge together,” he declared.

He pointed out that the declaration clearly establishes that terrorism lacks any form of justification whatsoever. “Nothing, no ideology, religion or ethnicity; nothing can justify the atrocities that we have witnessed in recent days in Paris and previously in so many other parts of the world,” he said.

He also mentioned international cooperation in this area, which is fundamental for hunting out the circuits that fund terrorism, fighting radicalisation processes in each country, attending to the phenomenon of foreign fighters and maintaining fluid and constant lines open for the exchange of information.

“These are all areas in which Spain has been working for years, the ones we defend in the European Union and at all the forums where this issue is debated, which is one of the greatest challenges we are facing around the world,” he claimed.

The President of the Government pointed out that Spain is a member of the International Coalition against DAESH.

He said many Jihadi terrorists have been arrested in Spain over the course of recent years, particularly in the last year, and praised the “proven effectiveness” of the State law enforcement agencies and the intelligence services in this field.

Immediately following the attacks, the Prime Minister said a telegram to President of the French Republic, François Hollande, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls.

It read: “”Dear President, Prime Minister,

In light of the terrible news of the savage attacks on Friday in Paris, I wish to immediately send my outright condemnation of these attacks, offer the solidarity of Spain and the Spanish people with the French people, pass on our condolences to the families of those murdered and our best wishes for the recovery of those injured.

You can of course count on the full collaboration of my government and the Spanish law enforcement agencies in the merciless fight against terrorist barbarities.

Please accept, Mr President and Mr Prime Minister, my warmest regards and deepest personal respect”.