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Changes to registration of brand new cars 

As we all know there are constant changes in Spain with regards to laws, rules, regulations and of course the dreaded paperwork. Currently cars have two manually produced (although printed via a computer of course) pieces of paperwork that identify not only the characteristics of the vehicle itself but on the other the date of first registration, date of change of owner ship, owners name and surname, make and model of vehicle, chassis number, type of fuel used and more recent changes are those showing the date of the last ITV and mileage (kilometres) recorded at the time of the test.

For all newly registered vehicles supplied from 11th November 2015 a new electronic tarjeta tecnica (eITV ) will be issued for all newly registered cars, vans and trucks registered in Spain and the Canary and Balearic Islands. Tráfico’s system has already been updated to comply with this. Any vehicle registered before this date will continue to use the old paper versions of the vehicles and are not affected in any way.

The DGT has implemented a system whereas manufacturers, importers and new vehicle sales companies (legally registered of course) will be able to submit the registration information electronically such as vehicle specification, engine type, make model etc. which can be accessed and checked by DGT officials, probably not dissimilar to a digital certificate issued by the Hacienda (Tax Office) which can be digitally verified where necessary.

Once the information has been checked and validated by the DGT department and or person responsible for the registration of new vehicles, they will store this information in an electronic register which obviously can be checked and will be called the Registro de Vehiculos Prematriculados, this in turn issues the vehicle identification number (NIVE) which would be unique to that vehicle as are the current registration numbers.

From this process the DGT will then assign that vehicle a registration number again unique to that specific vehicle and would issue the Tarjeta de Inspección Técnica or as we would call it vehicle technical inspection card or perhaps as it is more commonly known as the Green Card. This will be in electronic form only which will only be available to be accessed online.

This has been forming for a while and the vast majority of manufacturers have already been integrated into the project and in October of 2015 almost 50% of registered vehicles had already been equipped with what is to be known as electronic tokens.

In May 2016 this type of system will be used for mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quad bikes. Those cars already registered are not affected by this change IT ONLY RELATES TO NEWLY REGISTERED VEHICLES so if you have paper Permiso de Circulación and Ficha Técnica then these will remain valid and it is important that the original must be carried in the vehicle at all times in order to produce them if you are stopped by the police, if you only carry copies then you stand a chance of getting a fine from the Police. You can however have photocopies of these documents stamped at Tráfico for a fee, called COPIAS COMPULSADA and these are perfectly legal to carry with you, allowing you to leave the originals at home safe and sound. You must also carry your original Driving licence, Passport and Residencia or NIE.

It will be interesting to see how this system works in practise and whether there will be facilities for the ITV stations to access the online Ficha Técnica for an inspection, but as this will be in a few years time as always in Spain so many things can change!