|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Sign information is back to front! 


Dear Editor,

Following on from the letters lamenting the poor information provided by TITSA at the airport, I thought this sign might be of interest. 

It is the information sign at Estacion Costa Adeje. It is rarely kept up to date and even when it is, as in the photo, it is misleading.

The photo shows ARRIVALS and indeed these are arrivals but not FROM the places listed alongside the bus numbers. Instead the buses are GOING TO those places. The Procedencia/From label is quite wrong!

Take the 467 for example. The panel implies that the bus FROM Torviscas-La Caleta will be arriving at bus stop 12. Indeed the bus does arrive at stop 12 but it is going TO Torviscas-La Caleta. (Buses from La Caleta come in at platform 11.)

This is consistently the case. A simple change of Procedencia/From to Destino/To would, I am sure, help many confused travellers.

Can Tenerife News do anything to bring this to the attention of TITSA?

Malcolm Farrant, La Caleta