|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Disgusted with taxi of Santa Cruz 

Dear Tenerife News

We have recently returned from an 11 night cruise on board Costa Magica departing Savona 15 October to Madeira and the Canary Islands and we thought you should be made aware of our taxi experience in Santa Cruz.

We docked at Santa Cruz on Wednesday 21 October and took the free shuttle bus provided to the cruise terminal from where we walked to the El Corte Inglés store. Following that, we then took 3 separate taxi journeys as follow:

1. From close to El Corte Inglés back to the ship at around 1.30pm

2. 2. From the ship to the Plaza de España at around 2.30pm

3. From the Plaza de España back to the ship at around 4pm

The first two taxi journeys were fine, metered and reasonably priced at just under 5 euros each – a credit to Santa Cruz – and we were happy to give a good tip of around 20%. Regrettably, our third and final trip was not a good experience. The taxi was in a rank of around 5 cabs parked close to the central plaza and it was a woman driver – stoutish, looked around 45 years of age, wearing, we think we recall correctly, a white blouse and with very distinctive long blue painted finger nails.

When we had travelled a few hundred metres and noticed that the metre was not on, we guessed that we were going to be stung but gave her the benefit of the doubt at this point! Sure enough, on reacing the ship she demanded 10 euros not verbally but by waving two 5 euros notes at us! We told her we knew she was cheating us and considered throwing the 10 euros all over the car but in the end just handed it over as we did not have the language or the energy to argue over it. We were tired and just wanted to get back on board the ship. The money was really of no relevance to us, just the fact that she had cheated us and spoilt the excellent repu-tation of the other excellent Santa Cruz taxi dirvers. We think she should be ashamed of herself!

We are happy for this letter to be published.

Yours sincerely

Alastair and Georgina Campbell