|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Thousands take to the streets as Excalibur remembered 

Thousands of protestors in 17 cities backed an anti-euthanasia march in memory of the “sacrificed” dog of the Spanish nurse who beat ebola but lost her pet in the process.

More than half a million people, including many people from the Canary Islands, signed an online protest petition a year ago in world-wide outrage after “Excalibur” was put down in case he too had contracted the lethal disease.

He was taken away after the Spanish Government gained a court order despite angry demonstrations and destroyed within 24 hours without any prior tests.

Heartbroken Teresa Romero, who was the first person outisde Africa to contract the disease, was only told about his death when she started to recover in a Spanish hospital and said it was liking “losing a child”.

She and her husband Javier Limon were even more incensed because “Bentley”, the pet dog of American ebola survivor Nina Pham was allowed to live and was put in quarantine before being given the all-clear.

Demonstrations were held in 17 Spanish cities on the anniversary of the dog’s death to demand a change in the rules and avoid any other pet suspected of having ebola from being put down.

Teresa, Javier and their new pet, Alma took part in the Madrid protest calling on the Spanish Government to withdraw its plan for euthanasia.

The protest was organised by the Animal Party PACMA and was supported by thousands of dogs who wore signs saying “I am also Excalibur”.

PACMA says dogs are part of people’s families and the authorities have to be aware that putting a pet down in a case of suspected ebola causes them more heartache and suffering.