|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Tenerife arrests after massive jewellery heists 

Police have arrested eight people, including four in Tenerife, for masterminding a massive jewellery heist all over Spain.

In one incident in Arona, they got away with more than 280,000 euros worth of jewellery and diamonds.

Their mode of operation was to use a high-powered blowtorch which would melt metal and allow them to force their way into premises.

This almost always succeeded, except in the case of one thwarted raid on a nightclub in Arona where the security was just too good to break through.

Police knew from their investigations of the Arona jewellery shop raid that the gang was a professional one but even they were stunned by the widespread nature of the operation.

Four of the eight people arrested were caught red-handed as they tried to carry out another raid in Murcia.

Just 24 hours later, officers raided various homes in Tenerife and arrested another four people, a Canadian citizen, two Spaniards and another Uruguayan, all living in the south of the island.

Other properties were searched in Valencia and Alicante where numerous industrial tools used in the robberies were found, together with cash, computers, mobile phones and cash. One and a half tons of cocaine was also seized.

The jewellery shop raid in Arona happened earlier this year and it was found that the gang had branches in Valencia, Alicante, Elche, Murcia, Valladolid, Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada Malaga and Tenerife.

Police say the investigation remains open and they do not rule out further arrests.