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Stephen Hawking returns to Tenerife as more Starmus names revealed 

TV personality and astrophysicist Professor Brian Cox has been invited to join a galaxy of talent at a top international festival in Tenerife.

Prof. Cox has confirmed he will attend the third edition of the world-acclaimed Starmus Festival, the largest internatio-nal event to combine science, music and art which Prof Stephen Hawking is helping to put on the map.

His name was revealed at a press conference to announce: ‘Beyond the horizon: a tribute to Stephen Hawking’ which takes place on the sunshine island next year.

Brian, who now lives in Saddleworth, is a professor of physics at Manchester University and he will join other luminaries including physicist Neil Turok and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, professor of Astronomy and Head of Astrophysics at Oxford University.

The programme for Starmus III will feature an dynamic series of lectures to help the public have a better picture of science in line with the spirit of education.

There will be a music programme including the Sonic Universe concert, with a performance by the Brian May, former guitarist with Queen, and himself an astrophysist.

A highlight will be the ‘Ask Hawking’ competition allowing visitors to pose questions to the great scientist. And there are aims to create a ‘ cosmic experience’ for children to share in the week long festival.

In another milestone, twelve Nobel prize-winners in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Astronomy and even a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be speaking , bridging the gap between the public and the world of science.

Stephen Hawking, expressing enthusiasm for the latest festival, said: “Starmus will continue to pursue the aim of bringing together some of the best scientists, musicians and artists under one roof: the starry sky of the Canary Islands.

” They have an infinite power to inspire any human being and the power of the Starmus experience will last forever in the hearts and minds of its participants.”

Carlos Alonso, President of the Tenerife Island Government, emphasised his institution’s support for the festival, which has had a positive impact on the Tenerife brand’s international image.

He said the last edition garnered international media coverage worth an estimated 171 million euro, i.e. a 1000-fold return on investment and “an invaluable means of promoting” the Canary Islands and Tenerife.

“Regardless what this event means for the island in economic data, even more important is the seed sown in all of us due to the presence of such stellar personalities as Professor Hawking.

“His latest visit to the island, shows he feels at home among us. That a is our greatest reward,” he declared.

Starmus takes place from June 27 to July 2 next year and for more information and bookings, visit : www.star-mus.com