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Stairway to Eternity (Chapter IX, final chapter) 

Life in Egypt slowly returned to normal, but Snefru had not forgotten his promise to build replicas of the white pyramid as his burial monument. He summoned his architects and stone-masons, generals and local leaders to explain what had to be done. They could not believe what Pharoah wanted; it was surely impossible to build such a monument? But the Pharoah insisted. There would be no excuses. The son of Ra must have his own stairway to the stars.

The first great pyramid, built at Dahshur, was completed in 2590 B.C just in time for Snefru’s death for he died in 2589 B.C. There was enormous sadness all over Egypt. Snefru, son of Ra, discoverer of the pathway to eternity, to the stars, had left Egypt for ever.

Cheops ruled Egypt from his father’s death until 2566 B.C. He built his own enormous pyramid at Giza, just outside Memphis, and a smaller one for his beloved Nefertene. Chefren, Cheops’ son ruled from 2566 B.C to 2532 B.C. He also built an enormous pyramid, faithfully finished in white tura limestone, like his father’s and grandfather’s. He also built the Sphinx with the head pf Chefren, to guard the pyramids eternally. They are still there, one of the wonders of the ancient world, the ancient world’s greatest achievement a monument to the valour and greatness of Egypt and it’s kings.

The white pyramid that floats in the sky is also still there, the stairway to eternity; the immense and powerful volcano ‘Teide’ as it was called by the heirs of Aguere, Taborno and Tegueste. These three men and fifty others, together with the Egyptian concubines, left behind on the holy island of Tenerife by Pharoah became ‘Guanches’, original inhabitants of the islands of the blessed, the gardens of the Hesperides, the Fortunate Islands. They tried to maintain their Egyptian origins by mummifying their dead kings and building small pyramids to the glory of Ra.

The relief party from Egypt never came and this small group was abandoned in paradise. Thousands of years passed until the Spanish conquistadores arrived 4000 years later in 1400 A.D. The Spaniards found theses mysterious people worshipping the sun, and their white volcano Teide. Nearly a hundred years after this Spanish discovery, and the subsequent conquest of six of the seven islands, three ships set sail from the same islands. They were to continue west (following Ra’s journey through the heavens) and as they left the last they saw to the east was a white pyramid floating in the sky.

One man watched from foothills of Tenerife, (the only unconquered island). He was the last King of the holy island, he saw the three sails, each with its red cross, vanishing into the west. He was the last guardian of the white pyramid, the man that four years later would fight and die, leading his men against the Spanish conquerors who had come to occupy Paradise. He was Bencomo, guardian of the secret of Ra, and the pathway to eternity.


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