|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Pedestrians safety 

Dear Editor,

When is the the Council going to consider the safety of pedestrians in the tourist areas.?

We are being inundated with Cycles, Motorised Cycles. Electric Scooters and also Mobility Scooters being hired by able bodied families even carrying young children with no safety harnesses or safety belts. All of these are a danger to anyone walking on the pavements. They are available to rent everywhere in the tourist areas and have become very dangerous and should be banned or at least be speed controlled to walking pace.

Also the Company called Miller Travel who distribute their pamphlets every few yards in several languages every day should be stopped from doing so. When we have wind or rain they cause litter and danger to pedestrians. I know an 80 year old lady who slipped on one and broke her arm causing her several weeks of distress. This company should pay for advertising like other companies have to do and not cause litter.

A Resident in San Eugenio area