|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Chaos at Los Cristianos 

Dear Editor

I know there have been other letters in the Tenerife News about the so-called herring-bone style of parking which the island seems to favour.

Having just returned home from a maddening journey through Los Cristianos, I thought I would vent my anger about the stupid arrangement down by the main roundabout, the one by the Apolo Centre with the fountain on it. It was sheer madness.

This roundabout is bad enough at the best of times with stupid motorists too impatient to wait for a proper break in the traffic and pulling out in front of cars and buses. Many a time I have witnessed a very near miss.

If you come down the hill with the Apolo Centre on your left, there are herringbone spaces right down the road on either side. Fair enough but still dangerous I think because drivers just reverse out without looking first.

The big problem is at the bottom of this road as you approach the roundabout. Because of the herringbone parking, the cars stick out in to the carriageway and there is only room as you approach the roundabout for one vehicle. So it doesn’t matter if you want to go right or straight on, you still have to sit in the same queue.

How easy would it be for this to be corrected. All the council has to do is to take out a few of the herringbone spaces and the two or three spaces of parallel parking at the roundabout and you will get enough space for two lanes of traffic.

Obviously the engineer who designed this section didn’t think enough about the consequences!

From a disgruntled motorist