|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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She was known as ‘Bea’ by everybody. She spent all her working life helping drunks, down-and-outs. people down on their luck, the mentally disturbed etc. in her position as a social worker with the Puerto de La Cruz town hall.

She was, incidentally, a true Spanish noble; her mother Victoria was the daughter of the then Queen of Spain’s confidant and lady-in waiting. Her first cousin José is the present Queen’s equerry and private secretary.

When she was not being ‘Bea’ she was Beatriz Victoria Eugenia Pérez de Ascanio y Zuleta. In 1980 she married the local teacher/writer Jeremy Taylor, and there are three grown-up children – Hugo, Christian and Clara.

Bea’s father was a soldier who fought in two wars, the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. He was ‘El Capitan’ Nicolas Pérez de Ascanio, a distinguished man in the history of Puerto de la Cruz.

Bea needed every ounce of her special sense of humour in her job as a senior social worker, and her kindness and readyness to help one could see reflected simply by walking round the streets of Puerto and seeing how many people of every kind and colour rushed up to say “¡Hola, Bea!. She had probably saved their life or their living.

When times were hard and citizens had neither food nor the money tom buy it with, Bea with alarming frequency gave them some from her her own purse.

For years she organised a grand Christmas Gift for Children party at the Town Hall, during which no child went away empty-handed. She will be sorely missed by now only her loving family, but the out-of-work, the destitute, people who had run out of hope in Puerto de la Cruz.

For her thirty years’ charitable work, she certainly deserves the naming of a street or plaza after her.