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Amazing “Blind Crazy Golf Challenge” backs work of animal charity 

A charity for neglected animals has praised two unassuming, kind-hearted champions who raised more than 100 euros in a remarkable fundraising effort.

Paul Palmer, a totally blind former British Army major, played a gruelling game of crazy golf with his friend, sighted David Hardy, who wore a blindfold.

Their unique Blind Crazy Golf Challenge, carried out in blazing sunshine at Tipsy Terrace, Los Gigantes, saw the two wise-crackling chums inch their way unsighted round a tough series of obstacles.

Paul, 64, a father of three with more than 30 years distinguished military service, lost his sight five years ago after a series of intricate operations on both eyes.

However, by sheer guts, willpower, determination and the support of his steadfast wife, Pauline, he has overcome his disability and is rated as number two in the Blind Military Veterans UK Bowman.

He put all his navigation skills to test in his 90-minute long joust against David, 60, himself an ex-military man who saw active service in Northern Ireland.

The two struck up a friendship when Paul and his family holidayed at the Elite Club Resorts destination at the Harbour Club in Los Gigantes.

David is the resort’s marketing and hospitality executive and initially they planned the challenge as a good-humoured jape.

But then the generous-spirited duo, backed by enthusiastic holidaymakers and resort guests, decided to turn the game into a fundraiser for Asociacion Snip, Para El Bienestar De Los Animales De a Santiago Del Teide, which saves neglected pets.

Supporters turned out in force to urge the two men along the twisting obstacle course which resulted in a resounding win for blind Paul, who quipped:”There were more spectators here than the Ryder Cup!”

Paul was supported by Carole Edsall, David’s partner, and Pauline Palmer, married to Paul for 40 years, acted at David’s ‘spotter.’

Relaxing over a drink after the game which raised 134.50 euros for the charity, David confessed:”Playing crazy golf in a blindfold was one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever tackled.

“Paul is truly amazing, he really trounced me. In fact, he actually got a hole in one several times.

“He’s got superb navigation skills and we are proud to have him as a member of our Harbour Club family.”

Paul said:”The game was great fun. I’m delighted we raised so much for the pets.It’s all down to the lovely people who supported us,”

The charity organiser Judith Noble attended the event with long-time supporter, Barbara Meadows, a charity committee member.

Said Judith: “It was an absolutely amazing effort. We’ve had a couple of scrabble events and beetle drives as fundraisers before but never anything like this.”

In a letter praising the two men, which was read to background of applause at the Harbour Club’s afternoon quiz, she declared:”Without people like you we would not be in a position to alleviate the pain and misery of these poor animals to say nothing of meeting even-mounting veterinary and food bills.”

Now Paul and David are making plans for another another blind crazy golf charity fundraiser event next year.

For more information on the pets charity and how you can help, check out: www.sanfrancisoanimales.losgigantes.com