|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Fireball seen across Spain 

A spectacular fireball recently lit up the night skies across a huge part of Spain.

The phenomenon happened at 10.15pm on August 28th and was captured by several observatories, including in Toledo, Almeria and Granada.

The fireball was created after a rock from an asteroid smashed into the atmosphere at a speed of nearly 74,000 kilometres an hour.

It was seen by thousands of people in large parts of southern, central and east Spain.

Scientists believe the first violent impact happened about 97 kilometres above the town of Senés in Almeria. The fireball then zoomed in a north-west direction, flying over the province of Granada and finally going out 51 kilometres above a local reservoir.

The observatories also picked up data about the composition of the rock which will shed further light on the asteroid.

The memorable event was apparently connected to the September Aquariid meteor shower which peak on warm August nights.