|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Siam Park fans give “incredible” seal of approval to new Singha ride 

Brilliant! A great experience! Fantastic and out of this world!

These are just some of the reactions to the new thrilling ride at Siam Park, the “Singha”, the fastest water roller coaster in the world.

More than 240 metres long and with 14 changes of direction, the rafts are propelled by water and reach six metres per second upstream and 18 metres a second the other way! It’s a rate never seen before in water parks and adds to the incredible attractions at Siam Park, rated the best in the world by TripAdvisor.

As with all the rides, the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Siam Park are already giving a resounding thumbs-up to the Singha, including Tenerife Cabildo president Carlos Alonso who tried it out during the official opening.

Part of the theme of Siam Park is lush vegetation which gives it an Indiana Jones feel and the Singha has been incorporated into the environment, like the others.

It took a mammoth effort to create the ride and huge earthworks with many hours of study, hard work and dedication by a team of more than 70 specialists who took part in the design, construction and unique mounting.

Singha is named in honour of the lion, Rajasi, king of the mystical beasts which, according to Thai legend, lives in the Himmapan forest and is represented as a magnificent creature with wings of flames. As with Rajasi, magnificence and strength are present in the Singha.

Thanks to the Canadian engineering company Proslide and powerful propulsion system specially designed for this attraction offering unprecedented speed, visitors can experience on every trip an absolutely unique experience where the more adventurous experience different sensations.

The system includes a conveyor belt to the tobaggon exit, covered tunnels, thrilling elevation changes and unlimited fun!

The idea is to combine the characteristics of a high speed roller coaster with all the fun of the big slide, with the sensation of being a bobsleigh pilot.

The official opening coincided with the presentation of the TripAdvisor world award to Siam Park and number one zoo in Europe for Loro Parque and second in the world.

Those attending included president of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Kiessling and vice-president Christoph Kiessling, as well as Canary president, Fernando Clavijo.

Guests were full of praise for the attractions and praised the Kiessling family for their continued innovations.

Wolfgang Kiessling said he had spent his life being humble “but today, I have to admit I’m proud of what we have done.”