|Friday, July 3, 2020
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Ibiza wins major battle to head off reality TV show 

Tourism chiefs on Ibiza are celebrating a major victory in the bid to change the image of the island.

The local council and thousands of people were delighted to learn that controversial filming of the reality show “Ibiza Shore” had been called off following a public outcry.

Reality stars were due to arrive last week but were facing massive opposition from the council and a large number of businesses, including nightclubs, who said they would not co-operate with the crew.

A protest petition on change.org. was also signed by more than 25,000 people who felt the show would present the wrong image of Ibiza and was “tacky”. One businessman even put in his own application to register “Ibiza Shore” as a trademark.

The television company MTV has now cancelled filming on Ibiza and is looking for a new holiday destination instead.

The show was going to be a sequel to “Gandia Shore” and “Acapulco Shore” , with filming this month for broad-cast later in the year, though no date had been set.

The TV company said: “”Due to a number of circumstances beyond our control, the next programme of the franchise ‘Shore’ will not be recorded in Ibiza”.

However, the producers are “happy to take the production to another incredible destination” yet to be determined.

“There are many Shores beyond Ibiza,” they added.

The programme was to have centred around a group of young friends, in their 20s, and their antics during a month on the holiday island.

But Ibiza council said it was incensed with the idea which would put back all the hard work they were doing to change the image of the island.

They warned the TV company they would do everything within their power to block filming and would not give any of the necessary permissions. The council also urged businesses to do the same and many agreed over the last few day to ban the programme from their premises.

Fans of the popular series are already suggesting “Marbella Shore” might be a good alternative.

MTV said there were many companies on Ibiza who had wanted to colla-borate with them and they were thanked for their support.