|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Titsa moving in wrong direction? 

Dear Editor

I have just read in the Spanish press that Tenerife’s bus company has improved its bus services in the south.

The article showed a picture of several Titsa officials etc celebrating and saying they were delighted to introduce the changes.

What the article failed to say however was what these changes are, where, how, the times etc? There was a website to visit but I really couldn’t understand the changes!

This is one of the problems with Titsa here on the island. Buses are supposed to arrive and don’t. You wait ages for one bus and then it arrives completely full up so you can’t get on. Worse still, one packed bus arrives follows by two empty ones or one out of service.

It is SO frustrating! It’s even worse here because waiting for a bus which doesn’t arrive in scorching sunshine is no fun at all.

I still find it hard to understand how Titsa can allow packed buses where people have to cram in to one vehicle and stand up like sardines. Surely this is against all health and safety advice? If the driver suddenly had to put his foot on the brake, everyone would fall forward and there would be a terrible accident.

Once again, travelling like this is hugely uncomfortable and frustrating. The bus stops at every bus stop where there are loads of people waiting to get on, they all squeeze in and off we go again, all stood up, all hot, all complaining. How come the ones that stand up have to pay whilst others with a seat pay the same price?

I also don’t understand why the double buses ie the bendy ones have so few seats inside. Why not put in more seats?

It seems to be that Titsa is involved in various different projects but needs to move in another direction for the benefit of local people and tourists.

Name and address supplied