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Stairway to Eternity (Chapter Stairway V – Part II) 

Neither Pharoah nor Harmhab, commander of the fleet, liked the idea that they should leave the coast and head west into unknown seas. Egyptian vessels always coasted, never losing sight of the coast. This was not their way of doing things.

Though it was made clear to Guanarte that it must be possible to view this wonderful sight from the coast, the interpreter came back saying’ no, the ships must head west’. Then Guanarte spoke to the elders in his language and orders were given for the fisherman who had seen this great sight to be brought to the temple to give more detailed explanations. Soon three men were bought before the assembled leaders; they saluted their elders and their priest before greeting the Egyptians. They said their names were Aguere, Taborno and Tegueste and they had indeed seen this great sight!

More details were demanded by the Egyptian leaders; the fishermen looked towards their chief, their priest and their elders as if to ask permission to proceed with the details of their adventure. All these nodded: they must tell the Egyptians the truth, and so it was that Taborno, through the interpreter started his discourse.

“On the second day of fishing here near the coast, a strong east wind suddenly started to blow. We were unable to get back to the coast and our village, and were blown westwards towards the holdy islands”.

“What are these islands?” demanded Cheops.

“There are two. No one lives on them because they are holy; they are the guardians of Ra’s darkness. The first island we call Maxorata, only a day’s sail from here,” he pointed out to sea to the west, “Maxorata means ‘the guardian’ in our tongue. From there another day’s sail due west brings us to the second and last island, this one we call Tamaran which means in our language ‘ the path to eternity’. On this island there are high mountains and forests but we have seen the God from the beaches of Tamaran. The men from our village who saw it before us, many years ago and now dead, told the elders that they had climbed into the interior of Tamaran to explore the island and on arriving at its highest point there was the white pyramid God even higher in the sky, floating above the clouds!”

This was enough for Snefru and his son. They had journeyed over three months to get here and now these men were starting that only two days sailing west stood the great white celestial pyramid. No time was to be lost, they must prepare a part of the fleet for this probably dangerous journey into the open ocean, away from the land; at least there were two uninhabited islands so they would be between the mainland and these islands. Orders were given to Sesortris and Harmhad to prepare five ships for the last leg of this epic adventure.