|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Massive soccer party shows school’s success 

A huge party was held at the soccer campus Francisco Suárez in Granadilla to mark the closing ceremony for the municipal school of football.

The event was attended by the Mayor, Jaime González Cejas who was joined by parents and officials.

The municipal school represents one of the largest commitments to sport in the Canary Islands, encouraging youngsters not only to enjoy soccer but to learn values associated with it, such as friendship, fair play and healthy lifestyles.

Esmugran consists of 49 teams with more than 700 children aged from four to 16 and was launched in the sports year of 2013-2014. It comprises of four clubs at grassroot levels (El Médano, Charco del Pino, Granadilla and San Isidro). The chain represents all ages.

One of the guests was the school’s mascot, Esmugranito who represents the eight values of Effort, Sacrifice, Motivation, Union, Kindness, Respect, Friendship and Nobility.