|Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Spain’s bid for new-look cities gets EU funding 

The EU will allocate 1.5 billion euros of ERDF funds to Spain over the next six years for the improvement of Spanish cities.

Minister for Public Works, Ana Pastor, defended a new sustainable, inclusive and environmentally-friendly city model at the meeting of EU Urban Development Ministers held in Riga (Latvia).

“In Europe, we are committed to a different kind of urban development – more human, economically and environmentally sustainable and inclusive – as shown by the results of our efforts in Spain”, said Ana Pastor to her colleagues from the European Union.

She also highlighted other fundamental issues, such as recognising the role and importance of all towns and cities regardless of their size; energy efficiency and climate change; the regeneration of districts and redevelopment; all sorts of demographic challenges; mobility and the need to reduce distances; and urban poverty and affordable housing.

In this regard, she recalled that 70 per cent of the population in Spain lives in major cities although small municipalities are also highly important as they account for 86.8 per cent of all Spanish municipalities and almost 80 per cent of the country’s surface area, thereby highlighting their importance from a territorial perspective.

“The cities we have inherited and built are our own heritage, the result of our history and our culture, and they are there to be enjoyed by the people of Spain and visitors”, said Ana Pastor.

Spanish cities that are currently drafting their strategies for presentation to the call for proposals, such as Barcelona, Malaga, Gijon, Cartagena and Palencia.