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Meat on a sword at Churrasquería Novillo de Prata 

Living or taking a holiday in Tenerife is very much about exploring new places, discovering different landscapes and eating out in unusual places, often away from the tourist areas.

Those who regularly visit the north of the island will almost certainly remember El Rodeo in Tacoronte, the restaurant where waiters serve you in a very distinctive style by carving meat for you at your table off long skewers.

What you might not realise is that the Tacoronte El Rodeo has closed down. It has now been taken over by the employees and has moved premises to Carretera General del norte, TF 152, number 17 El Sauzal.

This is a wonderful rural municipality and one you should visit to see its stunning countryside and architecture and what better a way to round things off than with a visit to Novillo de Prata to sample their unique style of service and cuisine.

The restaurant is a so called “churrasquerias” which means restaurants serving meat but they have a very characteristic style.

It all sets the scene for a hugely enjoyable expe-rience whatever your nationality, age or taste in food. More importantly, you can eat and eat to suit your appetite and only give up when you are truly full. A novelty is that you are served six different side dishes on your table to go with the meat which you are continuously offered during your meal. These dishes are two types of salad, chips, polenta, rice and Russia potato salad.

It’s great to see all the camareros, dressed in Brazilian-style costumes, coming out with their different meats on huge skewers and see their expertise at carving you slices with their swords. You are served at your table and there is much anticipation and eagerness for them to arrive at your side. The aromas reach you even before they do!

The meat includes several types of chicken, pork, veal, sausage, chorizo, the finest beef and steaks, ribs, turkey breast with bacon, marinated pork loin and more. The waiters keep on coming round time and time again whilst you serve yourself with the variety of side plates which stand on your table which make the perfect accompaniment for the meat. Of course, only the best products are used and these “side” dishes, including potatoes and chips, are topped up regularly.

You pay a set fee for this way of eating and pay the extra for drinks and for the desserts which come round on a trolley and are simply gorgeous, with very generous portions.

All this is, of course, a haven for those who love meat, there is a reduced fee for children and a reduced fee for a one sword of mixed meat too.

This is a lovely air-conditioned restaurant and the staff are always praised for their friendliness. There is spacious car-parking out-side and access for the disabled.