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Bushido, the beautiful restaurant with many virtues 

There are seven virtues of Bushido, the philosophy of the Sumaria, namely duty and loyalty, integrity, honour, respect, honesty and security, compassion and heroic courage.

Seven qualities also spring to mind when you visit Bushido, the popular restaurant on the outskirts of Los Cristianos.

Try stylish decor, exquisite food, beautiful sunsets, a very special atmosphere, attentive staff, choices to suit all tastes and pockets and a musical treat to round everything off, courtesy of the Be flat jazz club.

Although the name “Bushido” suggests this is a Japanese restaurant, this is not the case though of course this cuisine is on the extensive menu.

You can enjoy the tastes of many countries, such as Mexico, Greece, Spain and the Lebanen and you can eat the traditional way with knives and forks or opt for chopsticks.

The lay-out is absolutely stunning, predominantly in black, white and red with beautiful tableware, plants, lanterns, fairy lights twisted around the trees, comfy sofas and coffee tables, trickling water, rattan tables and chairs, candles, cushions and intimate coloured lighting.

As always, we found it difficult to choose where to sit, inside or out, under total cover or in a gazebo but eventually chose a table under the conservatory.

It was quite a windy evening but our spot was sheltered and we were warmed by the evening sunshine which we watched going down over the glistening ocean. Quite spectacular! Incidentally, there are heaters available so you will never find a cold spot here.

At the end of the more informal terrace, there is a large totally enclosed children’s adventure play area so parents can sit nearby and still enjoy a drink and something to eat. It is away from the main restaurant area so other diners are politely not disturbed.

The staff here speak English so if you need to be pointed in the right direction of what to eat, just ask for their advice.

However, the excellent menu is self-explantory and tells you what to expect.

As well as the variety of the dishes, you can tailor your visit to suit your budget and sharing is a great idea.

The food is wonderfully fresh and as you would expect, presented in a truly artistic way.

You can mix and match as you want, either choosing a main course of meat or fish or perhaps a taster menu for one or two or smaller dishes from the sushi selection, perhaps seaweed rolls or hand-filled cones filled with rice and other fabulous ingredients like fried quails eggs, sweet pumpkin and salmon tartar. There are also taster menus, with wine included.

One of our favourite dishes is humus with Arabic bread and sesame (5.90 euros) which we shared after enjoying a gorgeous cocktail.

For mains, we chose “Sirloin gourmet with pesto filling and glazed shallots with truffle sauce” (22 euros) which was as soft as it could possibly be and “Roasted cod with Miso accompanied by a green bean salad with sesame” (17 euros). It too was delicious.

You might like to try a Tempura dish (a light Japanese batter which coats vegetables or prawns), Sashimi (delicate cuts of fish), Wok (noodles) or Sushi.

Our desserts were to die for. Sake infused strawberries with mango ice cream and pineapple carpaccio with a touch of saffron and coconut ice cream, both six euros.

This is creative cuisine at its very best in one of the most stylish restaurants around. Do take time out to discover it.

The restaurant is just a short taxi or car ride away from the Apolo Centre (with the shopping centre on your right, go up the road and turn left at the first little roundabout by the Language School. Continue round this back road and you will find Bushido on the right….if you pass the new padel centre, you have gone too far).

If you would like to get more ideas from the menu and see what Bushido has to offer, do visit the restaurant’s website on www.bushidotenerife.com