|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Planning & support on Tenerife 

Dear Sir

Growing older is something that we all have to face sooner or later. More and more of us are living longer and although this is in many ways a positive, it does bring challenges and difficulties. There are a number of decisions to be made, particularly for those resident in Tenerife, where families may still be back at home in UK.

I am the only child of a Mum who is 89 and live and work in the North of England. Mum has been resident in Tenerife for over 40 years and has been happily married to my wonderful stepdad for most of that time. When younger,  she always thought that she would come back to the UK when she felt she needed the support of our National Health and Social care services but somehow time slipped by and she then could no longer face the upheaval and the journey. Friends here have had varying experiences too, so it’s not necessarily the answer! My Mum’s situation was complicated by deteriorating arthritis which left her bedridden.  She also fell victim to that most cruel of diseases – dementia.  My Stepdad, also 89, bravely struggled to care for her on his own but it was extremely difficult.

The situation only improved when we made contact with Sally White and her team at Canarian Care, who operate in the North of Tenerife. Sally’s flexible approach has been a life-changer for us all. My Mum was originally reluctant to have carers but they quickly won her over and she started to look forward to their visits. They began by coming in just a couple of times a week but were happy to step up the level of care when needed. Nothing is too much trouble and they seem both capable and willing to deal with a variety of situations.  As well as a high level of expertise, Sally has tremendous compassion for her clients, going above and beyond the call of duty, visiting my mum when she was in hospital and keeping her spirits up.

From my point of view, she keeps me informed by email of how Mum is doing and this has helped to give me much greater peace of mind. I would urge all residents to think carefully and to make plans for every eventuality. It is entirely possible to stay on Tenerife and enjoy the sunshine until the end of your life with a little bit of planning and support.

Yours faithfully

Sue Bennett