|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Driver’s miracle escape as tyre flies off on motorway! 

A shocked Los Gigantes resident has told of his miracle escape driving on a motorway when he was overtaken  – by the front wheel of his own luxury vehicle.

The 68-year-old business-man, who resides on the island part of the year and  the UK, does not want to be named but he talked exclusively to Tenerife News.

The  numbing incident on his life-changing journey in his seven week old Range  Rover Evoque-SD4 Automatic, happened on the TF1 to La Laguna,  north of Candelaria, on the motorway’s low-level section.

He  said:”It was rather hairy moment on the motorway. But, on serious reflection, I  will not be so lucky again.

“I’m still fathoming  how the wheel itself did not cause a serious incident on its own, never mind me careering along at 120 kilometres an hour on three wheels.

“Amazingly, the car stayed upright and I managed to negotiate between the fast moving motorway traffic onto the hard shoulder.

“To be honest, it was all a bit of a blur really. But it’s just not what you expect from a prestige motor vehicle only seven weeks old.”

And he went on:” The good news is  nobody was  injured in what could have been a major incident. But I must say being on a narrow hard shoulder with traffic whizzing by and trying to communicate on a mobile phone to raise assistance with me only speaking English was a trauma in itself.

“Thank God all well that ends well…”

The runaway wheel from the driver’s side of the vehicle ended up at the bottom of a concrete wall water drainage ditch where it was later retrieved by the Guardia who attended the scene.

Mystery still surrounds the reason  why the wheel came off in the first place.

The businessman said he was actually driving the 4×4 to the garage for checks after reporting his concerns earlier.

He added:”The garage obviously realised the seriousness of the situation and have repaired my car gratis without argument.”