|Monday, July 26, 2021
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“Don’t use Puerto port project as political weapon” Mayor warns 

The long-awaited project to create a new ma- rina in Puerto de la Cruz is not in doubt and will come to fruition.

This assurance has been given by the Mayor, Sandra Rodríguez in the wake of comments which poured doubt on the multi-million euro scheme which local people say is vital to the future of Puerto.

In a statement, she said the new port was “guaranteed” and that it should not be the subject of political gain.

She insisted that the creation of a sport, leisure, fishing and commercial marina had the necessary public funding in place and that there was absolutely no intention whatsoever of giving up. It was not, she stressed, dependent on private cash.

The Mayor also revealed that the environmental impact study had passed its first stage of approval and steps were going in the right direction.

Sandra Rodriguez said comments which poured doubt on the marina “went against everything the north was trying to do” and should not be used as an electoral weapon or instrument.

It was, she said, far above any political colours which had been demonstrated at the joint meeting of mayors from the north in April.

She said it was “irrespon-sible” to suggest the marina was in doubt and it would be completed, no matter who was in charge.

The mayoral meeting has called for more involvement from Tenerife Cabildo and the Canary Government in the port project and also the bid to bring cruise liners into Puerto.

She finished by stressing how important the marina was to the future of the whole of the north and that all political confrontations should be avoided.