|Monday, July 6, 2020
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Bus demolishes timetable in Los Gigantes 

Sharp-eyed Tenerife News reader John Dibbens captured this bus crash incident with his camera in Los Gigantes.

John, a former Essex police officer,  stopped to have a conversation  with friends walking towards the car park exit at Tipsy Terrace.

He said:” I was facing the bus terminus lay-by, when I noticed the bus  had just arrived.

“But it was moving towards us, without  its driver. In fact,  the driver was frantically trying to open the bus door to regain entry by the outside emergency button.

“However, because the bus was moving the button did not respond. I warned  our friends.

“The  bus was not going fast but at this stage it had just demolished the bus timetable sign and was still moving.

“It eventually came to a shuddering halt when it mounted the flower bed wall adjacent to us causing both front wheels to come off the ground.

“The  bus driver gained  entry and turned  off the ignition. He was in a complete state of shock as he had only got off the bus to use  the toilet.   The good thing is  nobody was injured by the runaway bus.”