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A sad but fond farewall to Lucy a very special cat 

Lucy was undoubtedly one of Los Gigantes most endearingly  favourite feline pets.

Originally, she was a street cat but she turned heads and hearts and  ‘adopted’ The Bamboo, the village’s oldest bar, as her home.

And, in turn, she became 77-year-old Daisy Britton’s constant  companion. “She followed me everywhere,” Daisy confided.

“I live in an apartment across from the bar and Lucy would stroll over and make herself at home with me whenever she wanted.

“But she always returned to The Bamboo and was hugely popular with regulars and visitors. She had some really winsome ways.

” She watched me arrive home every night. Then one night she just followed me in and  it was permanent after that.”

Lucy lived with Daisy, a widow from Fort William in Scotland, for five years.

“Lucy’s favourite food was prawns – she was a classy cat,” Daisy declared.

“She was taken Ill and and the vet put her on antibiotics. But  then she disappeared and I thought she had  gone away to die. In fact, I  reckon she’d  gone to visit her old haunts.

“Everyone in the village helped look for her but she didn’t appear until 7.30am  seven days later.

“But I could see she was fading before my eyes. And the vet  told me it would have taken her a huge effort to get back home.”

Tragically, Lucy died from leukaemia and  villagers, tourists who had seen the cat over years,  and Daisy’s friends chipped in to pay the vet’s fees.

“The vet gave me  a condolence  card saying  Lucy must have thought she’d won the lottery to have me as  her keeper. It was really nice of the vet.”

Now a warm-hearted friend, Anna Wright, has enshrined  Lucy’s  memory in a hand-crafted  colourful cushion displaying Lucy’s picture.

Said Anna:”Lucy and Daisy were inseparable; they meant the world to each other.  Daisy  was heartbroken when  she passed away.

“I  just decided to make something Daisy could keep as a memory.”

Clutching her keepsake, Daisy added:”The cushion is  a lovely thought.”

Daisy who has five children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren moved to Los Gigantes in 2006.

“Although  I go back to see family, this is my home now,” she said.