|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Plagued by calls too! 

Dear Editor

I totally and utterly agree with your reader who wrote in your last edition about nuisance phone calls.

This morning, Easter Thursday at 8.30am, the phone rang for the FIFTH time in three days. There is always a slight pause and then someone with a different accent each time declares they are from a window security company! This morning, she was American, yesterday Italian.

It is so annoying, especially when they start the conversation with “Good morning madam, how are you today?” It tell you how I am! Very fed up at receiving these nuisance calls.

Do they really think we are going to buy windows from them, an unknown company from an unknown location which uses these selling techniques? No, of course not.

Like your other writer, we too have received these calls first thing in the morning and we have elderly parents and children at home so it is very distressing.

Yesterday and today, I told the caller to start calling us and being a nuisance and to remove our number.

Will it work? Of course not. I am sure they will be ringing again later today.

We had the phone put in when we had our internet line installed but we are beginning to think it is more trouble than it is worth.

I did hear there is a way to stop these nuisance callers. Could another reader please enlighten us?


Very annoyed residents