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British and EU citizens recover their money back from Spanish tax office 

European court of justice (ECJ) ruled Spanish inheritance laws were illegal against non Spanish residents.

In September 2014 the European Court of Justice passed a Judgment declaring the Spanish inheritance tax laws as discriminatory towards non-residents and against the EU Treaty.

Now, at least for Spanish Legal Reclaims S.L. (an EU tax specialized law firm), claimants are successfully receiving their money back from the Spanish Tax Authorities (100% success rate).

Average refund size currently stands at 25,000 euros.  How-ever as many as 100,000 Britons could be affected and entitled to reclaim.

Other European citizens affected can also come forward to make a claim

On Sept. 3rd, 2014, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that the Spanish Inheritance laws are discriminatory contravening European Union Treaty as Spanish non-residents were paying up to 34% of the inheritance value and residents were paying virtually nothing.

An action group called Spanish Legal Reclaims (SLR) recently launched a dedicated website to inform possible claimants how to file a claim www.spanishlegalreclaims.com .  Spanish Legal Reclaims legal team recently won against the Spanish State in a similar case before the Spanish and European Courts, as Spanish legislation regarding Capital Gains Tax was also discriminating against non-residents. The team led by Mr. Luis Cuervo helped 1,000´s of clients recover the over-charged taxes they paid in Capital Gains Tax and they are now successfully recovering the inheritance tax for non-Spanish residents.

Mr. Luis Cuervo, CEO at SLR states “Despite the opinion of many professionals, once again, we were right predicting that the ECJ’s ruling would be positive, but the most important fact is that, as we started to file claims 2 years ago before the ECJ’s ruling, we have already started to receive the refunds for our first 25 clients three weeks ago (100% success rate). All our other clients should start to receive their refunds soon. This is very important as succeeding in this kind of claim is not easy and it is clear now that our precise strategy, procedure, and legal arguments are correct. Potential claimants must be aware that this is not an ordinary reclaim.  Facing a legal procedure like this requires not only expertise but also deep analysis, a clear legal strategy and experience in similar claims. As anyone who has been affected by this illegal tax can only claim once, we strongly recommend that file their claims with an experienced expert in EU tax law.  If for some reason they fail by using an un-experienced lawyer in reclaims they will not get a second chance to file again”.

Mr. Cuervo added, “Once the claim is filed, people affected could recover their money within 6-8 months, with up to 4% compound interest. We offer our clients a No Win – No Fee agreement”. Since we started this reclaim about 1,000 UK/EU families have already come forward to file their claims with us. After the ECJ Ruling those figures will expand greatly. Many Spanish and UK/EU lawyers are cooperating with us to help their own clients, once they understand the legal process requires deep analysis and expertise not only in domestic tax but also EU regulations and court procedures.  The cases must be won one by one. We urge anyone else who believes they have been affected by this tax discrimination to come forward. Taking quick action is important as the right to make a reclaim may expire due to legal time limits for making a tax reclaim in Spain.”

For more information, and details of how to register your interest, visit: www.spanishlegalreclaims.com

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