|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Two different scenes! 

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Dear Editor

I was interested to read about the old derelict villa or building on the sea front at Los Cristianos as detailed in your last edition.

Last Sunday, we went for a walk and took a look for ourselves. We agree that it is in a very bad state but also that it was probably once a lovely property and what a shame it has deteriorated so much. The question is whether it has gone too far to be saved?

Anyway, whilst there, we had to have a laugh at two contrasting scenes. The authorities are always talking about tidying up the sea fronts and not having properties etc too close to the sea and getting rid of eyesores. How about these two photos to show the contrast?

We loved the sand sculptures made on the beach of Los Cristianos and happily gave the artist a small donation.  Just two metres away, we found this other monstrosity. What is it? Some sort of electrical installation? It is right by the water so if it is, how dangerous but what a terrible sight it is. Shouldn’t that be demolished as well, we ask?

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