|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Red Cross calls for homeless help 

The Red Cross has called for more assistance for people living on the streets after it was revealed that there at least 300 people  homeless in the metropolitan area of Tenerife.

“Cruz Roja” says the situation is currently more dire than ever because of the low temperatures the north of the island has been suffering.

A spokesman said it was terrible for people to have to live on the street in the first place, let alone when it was so cold at night.

Volunteers are trying to help them on a daily basis but have asked for help for their ongoing campaign. They are giving out blankets and hot food and drink, as well as offering psychological support and counselling. Where possible, efforts are made to place them in day centres or homes.

The Red Cross says homeless people are of all ages but over 40 per cent  are between 34 and 49. Many are long-term unemployed and in a situation of extreme resources and minimum income. They might also suffer from health problems and a low degree of education with a high percentage of illiteracy.