|Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Police fines: the truth 

Dear Editor

I always read your motoring advice column with interest so I wonder if one could be written about fines and what the police can and cannot do and the choices available if you are stopped.

I think I remember reading somewhere that the police were no longer able to accept cash on the spot fines. Is this correct?

The reason I ask is that on a roundabout near Los Cristianos recently, I saw the police stopping motorists and fining them and it looked as though they had one of those little machines which takes card readings like you have in a supermarket. Can they do this? Do you have to pay a fine on the spot? What happens for instance if you have no money in the bank or are not carrying your bank or credit card?

This isn’t another way, is it, of getting unsuspecting tourists?

 AFW, Los Cristianos