|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Annoying nuisance calls 

Dear Editor

Are other readers totally fed-up with nuisance calls? I know I am!

What I would like to know is why this is happening more and more in the Canary Islands and how on earth do these cold callers get our numbers?

I know of a lot of people who keep receiving calls on their mobiles from an unknown number and these carry on for a few days before eventually disappearing. Invariably, when they do answer these calls, there is no-one on the other end. Is this because they get money every time someone answers?

In addition to this, I am now receiving calls on my home phone yet very few people have my number. I doubt it is even listed in a directory yet.

So how do they get the numbers? Do they just dial any 922 number and hope for the best?

Yesterday, we received a call from a window company and this morning, the phone went at 7am! This caused us quite a shock as we have elderly parents.

We always say that Tenerife is about ten years behind the UK and this proves the point. When we were back home a decade ago, we got loads of these calls and were glad to escape them when we came here. Now this nuisance is catching on here. Not something we need, that is for sure!

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