|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Warning over street scam 

Dear Editor

I wonder if you could alert your readers about a distraction scam.

We were staying in Golf del Sur and were out walking close to the Green Park apartments when we were approached by a charming man, well dressed in a suit, who claimed to be Lebanese and asked directions for a Lebanese bank. He said he was a dentist and had only just arrived here and needed to take out some cash.

We were unable to help him, however, he asked us where we were from (all of this in good English) and then asked about English coinage saying had we anything with the Queen’s head on it.

Foolishly I opened my purse and allowed him to handle some cash. We watched him the whole time and made sure he returned it to me – which he did.

When I next went to my purse I found there was 70 euros missing. Noidea how he did it, very good at sleight of hand, but of course by then he was long gone and so was my money.

We tried to contact the police, explained the problem, but they weren’t really interested. We were put on hold for ever so eventually gave up.

We have now returned to England  but this has really put us off coming back to Tenerife. We were glad when our holiday came to an end and we had to miss meals because of the theft.

Linda Human