|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Red balloons 

Dear Editor

Did anyone else spot the red balloons in Palm Mar on Valentine’s Day and wonder what it was all about?

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, it was really lovely (and an intrigue!) to see a whole string of heart-shaped red balloons adorning the roadside in and out of Palm Mar, including near the arch and then right down the street.

These balloons were attached to fences and lamp-posts and I guess it was something to do with a marriage proposal. How lovely.

I did remark to my friend that “no doubt they will still be there for ages and won’t be taken down by the person who put them up!” For a few days, this appeared to be the case but well done to that person for taking them all down as well and removing all the string and sellotape. We didn’t think you would!

In the same area, how nice it is to see that the council has cleared both sides of the road so that walking down to get the bus on the main road is safer and easier. It would be nice if it could be laid to tarmac because I suspect that in the coming years, the weeds etc will grow up again and a lot of hard work will be wasted.

Palm Mar has been waiting for a proper footpath for some time and even though it is still rocky and a bit uneven, it is a big improvement. Perhaps now the bus company could put on some more buses, including providing some for us at the weekends?

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