|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Health service is “disgusting” 


Dear Editor,

Further to your article in the Tenerife News regarding the health service, or lack of, in the Canaries, I was sent to Candelaria hospital last August by a consultant at Majon clinic and told to report to the emergency department. I had been suffering from terrible pain in my chest and severe itching all over my body.

My blood was tested, all the usual things they do and then placed on a trolley in a corridor. That was about 12.30 pm on the Friday. I had to wait for a scan until 9.30 pm as there is only one scanner in the hospital. Two hours later I was brought back to my trolley. A while later a doctor advised me that gall stones were blocking my gall bladder and I would be admitted as soon as a bed was available. During this nightmare, I had to endure this time without food or water, my husband was not allowed to see me, except after 7 pm, but he did “sneak” in with a book and water for me. During the night was absolutely horrendous, drip machines constantly beeping, snoring, talking in their sleep, crying, wailing, together with other bodily noises.

Finally, at 5 pm on the Saturday they found me a bed. I was told I would need an endoscopy to remove the stones blocking my gall gladder.  As they only perform this operation two mornings a week, I had to wait a week and a half to have the endoscopy and then another few days until they could fit me in for a scan.

I was eventually ‘released’, in pain two weeks after my admission and told to make an appointment to see a specialist to have my gall bladder removed. By the time I found where to make the appointment and walk to my car I was in so much pain I nearly collapsed.

The following evening I was in so much pain my husband called an ambulance and I was taken to Hospiten in Las Americas. They told me that I still had an infection and put me on another course of antibiotics. I was in there for 1 week and released, pain free.

This situation with the health service is disgusting, I was at my GP’s 2 weeks ago with recurring sciatica and he has referred me to Majon for an xray.  My appointment is 27 March, enough said.

Diane Reinecke