|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Clarification of some points re drivers licences 


There is still some confusion regarding the changes in the laws regarding exchanging driver’s licences. We are going to endeavour to clarify all outstanding matters for the readers.

Firstly if you have held a Certificado de Residencia for two years or more, regardless of how long is left to run on your UK drivers licence it is now obligatory in these circumstances to exchange your current driving licence for a Spanish one. Whereas previously you may have had what was known as an inscription these are no longer being processed and the only option is to exchange the licence for a Spanish one. Also obligatory now since the 19th January 2015 is a medical for any person regardless of age or time left to run on your licence. These can be done in any Reconocimiento Medico centres that deal solely with medicals for drivers and gun licences. The tests are quite straightforward and are nothing to be worried about, the test involves, hearing, sight and reaction tests along with some medical history e.g. tablets being taken etc.

If your licence had previously been inscripted after 2008 then verification would not be required and an exchange can be done straight away. If prior to this date then the verification process must be started by presenting photocopies of all the relevant documentation in order to verify the licence in the country of origin i.e. UK , Belgium France etc…. Tráfico will also not process an exchange until they have received the verification, previously they would exchange them after 45 days with no response but not anymore the verification has to be received.

With regards to drivers licences that have been renewed in the UK whilst resident here, there are some rumours that these licences cannot be exchanged. This is not true, the only categories that are not exchangeable are those that where obtained whilst the holder was resident in Spain. If the holder obtained the category whilst resident in the UK, for example, and can prove that they were resident in the UK at that time then Tráfico will exchange the category.

If you only hold a white NIE form and have never been registered on the Padron at your local town hall then you would be considered a tourist and it would not be necessary to exchange your licence for a Spanish one. You can however voluntarily exchange your licence even if you have not held a Green Residencia for two years if you wish.

If you have any further questions please e mail me emma@motorworldtenerife.com or call 922 783828.