|Monday, April 12, 2021
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Beware of roadworks 

Dear Editor

Last week, whilst here on holiday, we hired a car and went to the Puerto Colon area.

Oh my goodness me, what a mess we found in San Eugenio.

We could not believe the extent of the refurbishment/roadworks going on there. We were stuck in the traffic for at least half an hour and felt so sorry for all the businesses which have the work going on outside their premises.

We commented on how anyone would want to sit in a restaurant and look out over the dug-up trenches, wire fencing and bulldozers, let alone also put up with the noise, dust and dirt which is being created. Amazingly, there were people in some of the pubs and restaurants eating breakfast so well done to them for staying loyal to their favourite places.

We have no doubt whatsoever that when this work is finished, it will look wonderful but was there really anything wrong with it in the first place? I suppose we should wait and see the end product before we comment too much.

If this work had to be done, then we do have sympathy also with the authorities because how else could they do it. We wondered if it could be done in stages but if new pipes and sewers are being laid as well, then this would not be possible. And we don’t suppose there is any season which is really quieter than the rest?

At least there are apology signs put up to explain to tourists what is happening.

I suppose the reason for writing is just to make people aware of this scheme and the massive disruption it is causing. If you aren’t specifically heading for San Eugenio, then perhaps try another route and don’t cut through the area.

Also if you are going to Puerto Colon, maybe get off the bus a little bit earlier or park your car nearer the bus station end and walk in. We wouldn’t want anyone to shun the area because traders need everyone’s support but being stuck on a bus or in a car is no fun. Someone told us that their bus ride from Fanabe to Los Cristianos last week took an hour!

Taylor family visiting Tenerife (15th time!)