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You may be at risk if your home is uninsured 

Having home insurance cover in Spain is not compulsory by law. However, at Linea Directa we highly recommend that you cover your buildings and their contents. Without insurance you will be fully responsible for footing the bill to any damages resulting from fire and water, a neighbours property, and you’ll be left unprotected against theft or damage from a wide range of potential mishaps.

Your property in Spain may be let out and treated as a holiday home or it may be your permanent residence. In all cases, adequate home insurance is a must; after all, your property will certainly be one of your most valuable personal assets, and you need to protect it as such.

When you take out a Spanish mortgage, one of the conditions from the bank will be compulsory buildings insurance from the lender to ensure that the bank loan is secured against risks to properties in Spain.

Linea Directa can provide online quotes for Spanish buildings insurance. Its quick and easy and we will help you find the best deal for the needs of your particular cover.

What’s at stake for uninsured properties?

Most standard building insurance policies in Spain cover the actual structure of the building as well as the fixtures and fittings. This includes the roof, walls, windows, kitchen, bathroom installations and fitted wardrobes. Individual items of furniture and any personal possessions are not included. This requires a Spanish home contents insurance policy.

The common elements included in your building insurance will be for occurrences like subsidence, third-party liability and protection against damage caused by theft, storms, vandalism, fire and flood.

Home insurance with Linea Directa

Linea Directa provides quality home insurance cover designed specifically for expatriates living in Spain. Whether you’re an existing home-owner or looking to purchase a property in Spain, our policies guarantee peace-of-mind at very competitive prices.

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest.

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