|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Las Chafiras: a death-trap 

Dear Editor

I am sure I am not alone in worrying about the traffic situation into Las Chafiras.

Surely it is only a matter of time before a very serious accident occurs and I mean serious. All it will take is a car or lorry thundering down the TF-1 too fast and failing to see the tailback of traffic waiting to turn off.

It is often so bad that there must be a queue of 30 to 40 cars waiting not just on the hard shoulder but the “slow” lane of the TF-1.

When I approach this tailback and have to stop, my heart really is in my mouth and I am constantly looking in the rear mirror to make sure that cars are stopping. It is all very well putting your hazard lights on but that still won’t stop someone who is talking to a passenger, perhaps changing the channel on their radio or worse still, answering a phone call or making a text.

Can you just imagine the carnage there would be? Cars would be shunted into one another and might even flip over the top of each other and a fast moving lorry would squash many people.

Just as bad are the really stupid drivers who sit in the queue and then get fed up and pull out back on to the TF-11

Yes it is annoying being stuck in the tailback but you just have to grin and bear it or go the back road.

All this is designed to ask the one question many have posed for years now: When is something going to be done about this death-trap? AFTER someone has died?

Name and address supplied