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Contact lenses can be suitable for children as well 

Parents frequently visit our clinic with the object of finding out whether their children can use contact lenses instead of glasses and to seek recommendations for what type of lens might be necessary. The most frequent questions that arise are:

Can a child wear contact lenses?

Of course, there doesn’t exist any reason relating to eye health or to physiological impairment, at least no different from adults, which would rule this out in a healthy eye, at any age.

At what age can a child wear contact lenses?

If the reason is functional or therapeutic (low vision, important differences in graduation, strabismus …) it should be done as soon as possible for the proper development of the visual system, whereas if the motivation is social, the answer is beween eight and nine years of age, depending on the level of responsibility of the child.

What advantages does using contact lenses in children?

SPORT: they are safer than glasses, because they don’t fall off or fog over, or break, and they don’t limit peripheral vision.

SUITABILITY: Images are sharper and distances are calculated better. We also avoid others from watching above their glasses and graduation takes place steadily, something very important in strabismus.

IMAGE: many children who use them feel more secure and comfortable facilitating their integration in school and eliminating certain complexes.

What lenses are most suitable for children?

Daily or monthly disposable lenses are recommended.

Summarising, we can say that the difference between how a child and adult cope is throuh professionalism and the ability to recognise if lenses are causing a problem.

Adaptation of contact lenses in children is possible provided it is done under proper professional control. We at theMirabell clinical study each particular case and tell you the best choice for your child.

Dip. Susanna Queralt López Optometrista en Cínica Mirabell