|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Car parking signs 

There are many prohibitive parking signs in Spain that you would not see in the UK. The most common one is a VADO PERMANENTE which is a round sign normally attached to a gate or a garage door or wall next to an entrance.

This is obtained by the owner or business person from the town hall and is a licence that prohibits anyone except the owner from parking in this area. This is paid for and renewable annually. Our advice is to not ever to park in front of one of these as your car can be towed away.

In the UK you have double and single unbroken yellow lines the latter meaning parking is permitted at certain times. In Spain a single yellow line means no parking at any time and should also be avoided.

There are also signs such as CARGA Y DESCARGAR this means loading and unloading and normally shows times the most common of which are between 08.00 to 12.00 or 1.00 pm. This is the times that the lorries can use these spaces for exactly that loading and unloading.

There is also a similar one for the Post Office but with longer hours generally.

You should also never park in a Taxi rank, bus stop or disabled space unless of course you hold a valid disabled badge. You will also see signs for authorised vehicles and again you should not park in these.

If you park in any of the above you can expect to have your car towed away and face a fine and charges to occur.