|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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K9 news 

As we move from autumn into winter, I would like to thank everyone, from the volunteers who help daily, to the people who stop by the shelter and find a new family member. It does make all the difference as we can see from the letter we received from Savanna who joined us in June and is now enjoying her forever home.

Dear K9, I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful care you gave to me while I was at the refuge. I was frightened I would never find a forever home, then last month at the K9 Open Day, it finally happened. I chose my new mum. She thought she chose me but it was really the other way round. Although it took a few days training, she learned quickly and in return, I let her know I recognise my name and come immediately I am called. I enjoy my walks and adore my food, so much that I have put on weight and needed a new collar. I was house-trained in a very short time, which is great as I progressed from the laundry room to the living room to my favourite place sitting on Mum’s lap… She is putty in my paws but then I am quite a looker!

Well, I’d better close as it’s time for me to sleep with mammy on her bed, she takes up a lot of room but I put up with it as I think it’s a security issue for her. Speaking of which she keeps looking at me and saying something I don’t understand. “Heaven on Earth.” Let me know if you can figure that one out. Please tell my friends back at camp that I said, “Hello” and try to find them great homes too. Thank you again, you really helped to make my new Mum so happy. She needed me. Savanna xx

So one happy customer but still many that need a place to call home and until they do, you can help support our cause by visiting the K9 Shop in Alcala Plaza, open each day from 10am until 2pm, except Sunday. If anyone wants to donate something for the shop and it needs collecting, please contact either 611352881 or 646561035 to arrange collec-tion.

We have a clothing stall at Alcala market each Monday and a second hand bookstall each Thursday at Fañabe Market. Both are mornings only, all monies raised go towards the care of the many dogs and cats at the K9 refuge.

‘Swallows’ can contact Jim on 600314712 and arrange to meet – he will bring a car full of books 1 euro each or 3 for 2 euros he also has DVDs at 1 euro a disc to help while away your winter months on the island.

Finally, K9 want to extend a giant heartfelt thank to our wonderful donors and volunteers, please know that we do appreciate your gene-rous and selfless contribution. The support we receive from our community does not have to be financial, we appreciate your time in exercising the dogs or giving a bag of dog or cat food which can make a huge difference to the animals in our care.

This message is just a simple reminder that without YOU K9 Animal Refuge would not be possible. We always strive to do our best and see that every animal no matter how big or small will be loved and cared for both physically and emotionally until their forever home is found. If you would like to visit or have the time to walk a dog, the kennels are open EVERY day from 11am until 2pm. The number is 667638468.