|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Daphne Dinmore 

Daphne Dinmore, a long-time resident of Puerto de la Cruz, died peacefully in hospital in the early hours of November 23rd, just a week after her 87th birthday.

Daphne was born in Palmer’s Green, North London, where her father, Sidney, was a teacher. She was one of three children, having a sister and a brother. The whole family was evacuated during the war, when the school where her father taught was moved to Essex for two years.

Very little is known of her earlier life, except that she married Bob Groom, a marriage which ended in divorce. In 1961 she travelled to Malaysia to visit her sister, whose husband worked for the Foreign Office there. She liked the country so much that she stayed, and, being already fluent in French, as well as knowing shorthand in that language, she secured work as a Personal Assistant in the French Consulate in Kuala Lumpur.

After some years in Malaysia, she returned to the UK but finding that the climate there was not good for her health, she moved to the Channel Island of Jersey. Some years later, she was living in Bermuda, where she met and eventually married her second husband, Roger Sherman. After a number of years, they moved to Tenerife.

Daphne enjoyed music and the stage and was very active in the social scene in Tenerife, becoming a member of choirs, as well as sports and dramatic societies. She joined The Tenerife Travellers, and group of British ex-pats. organised by the late Brenda Baraona, which visited Spanish schools performing short plays and sketches in English for children, aimed at helping them to learn the language.

It was with this group that she visited all of the islands in the archipelago. She was a staunch member of ESTA for many years, performing in countless plays and sketches. Her last leading role was in “As Black as She is Painted” in 2006, and also performed monologues and poems in both French and English up until two years ago.

She was always a tower of strength and encouragement, and always ready with help when needed, especially as an experienced prompter. She was also until recently a regular member of the ESTA quiz team, where her unfailing memory and wide-ranging knowledge were exercised to the full..

Daphne is survived by an elder sister, Margaret, and her nephews, Peter and Michael. She will be sorely missed and her influence will remain locked in the memories of those who were fortunate to have known her for many years to come.