|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Canaries press for eCall buttons to bring help after car accidents 

A new system could be introduced in the Canary Islands within the next few years that would allow emergency 1-1-2 calls about car crashes, even if a victim is unable to speak.

The “eCall” network would involve fitting out all vehicles with a button which is pressed in the event of an emergency. This relays data direct to the 1-1-2 control centre and even if no-one speaks, can feed back vital location details.

The Canary Islands feel this would be a huge benefit because of the number of accidents which happen in isolated areas or where cars might go off the edge of a barranco. There have been cases where victims are not found for hours afterwards and this has often cost lives.

Directors of the 1-1-2 control centres in Spain, including the Canaries, supported the idea during a conference in Extremadura when it was agreed to press for the introduction of the system, possibly in 2017.

eCall is an initiative of the European Union intended to provide a rapid response.

Canary director of 1-1-2, Luis Santacreu said it would help to get the emergency service to the site quicker and would help the survival of those with critical injuries.

The system would require changes to the technology used in the centres but all agreed it would be a great asset.