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Tributes at Pyramids of Guimar to great explorer Heyerdahl 

Tributes have been paid around the world to the legendary Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and Tenerife was no exception.

To mark 100 years since his birth, the ethnographic park at Guimar which he helped to found was the setting for a special event to honour his tremendous achievements.

At the centre point of this stunning location are the unusual “Pirámides de Güímar” which Thor Heyerdahl discovered in the 1990s when he lived in Tenerife with his wife. They were originally under mounds of earth on a derelict plot of land but it was his interest which led to their preservation and the theory that they were deliberately constructed by an ancient race and aligned to the stars.

Thor Heyerdahl was born on October 6th, 1914 so it was fitting that the Guimar homage took place on this date, a century later.

The ceremony began next to the bust of the great explorer in Guimar and a reading from the book “The Kon Tiki Expedition” in the auditorium at the ethnographic park. This book has been published in more than 60 languages and tells the story of Heyerdahl’s first major Transatlantic voyage which crossed the Pacific on just a log raft and took 101 days.

The documentary of this adventure won an Oscar in 1951.

The event was attended by civic dignitaries and representatives of the world of culture, school children and family and friends of Thor.

Readings from the book were performed both in Spanish and other languages to bring a universal touch to proceedings and brought the 1947 adventure to life. The ceremony was accompanied by images.

Afterwards, for the very first time, a piece of rope from the original raft was exhibited from the Kon Tiki museum in Oslo.

Various celebrations have been held in Guimar this year and worldwide, such as a ceremony at the Kon Tiki museum which was attended by the Norwegian Royal family.

If you would like to find out more, you can visit the ethnographic park and see the pyramids at first hand, together with numerous other attrac-tions such as a museum, walkways and the poisonous plant garden. There is also a shop, restaurant, film and exhibition rooms, visual displays and leisure area.

Please see http://www.piramidesdeguimar.es/ which is available in English for full details.